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Lantern Making

On Friday 24th November we were joined by community artist Mickey Bonome to make lanterns for the illuminated procession taking place at this year’s Bridport Christmas Cheer.

Mickey and her group of volunteers joined parent helpers, teachers and children (working in mixed-age house groups) to construct frameworks from bamboo before covering these with special lantern tissue paper. The children were a real credit to us with Mickey and her team all impressed by their creativity and teamwork.
Hopefully a good number of you will be able to attend the parade on 6th December when the lanterns will be lit up and paraded through the town.

Children in Need 2017

A sea of spots and pyjamas arrived at school on Friday 17th November for the annual Children in Need day. Thanks to the generosity of our parents, carers, staff and friends we have managed to raise – thanks to raise £118.02 for for the charity, which is a great demonstration of our value of compassion.

Chesil Church Visit – November 2017

On Tuesday we visited the Church, it was interesting for us to explore and to find out about the different artefacts and their uses.

Monmouth Class Information

Monmouth Class:    Years 3 and 4

Class Teachers:       Mrs Beth McGrath (Monday – Wednesday)  Mr Peter Beare (Thursday – Friday)

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Eype Class Information

Eype Class:       Reception

Class Teacher:  Mrs Lydia Knowles


Cogden Class Information

Cogden Class:  Years 5 and 6

Class Teacher:  Mr Mark Walsh