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Newsletter 31/03/2017

Newsletter March 31st 2017


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Updates from Leeson House – 30th March

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Thank You!

A few weeks ago a villager came to school and handed over her winter heating grant.  She wanted the school to do something with it.  And we did. We had thought that with all the other expenses bearing down on us that at least for the time being it would be impossible to replace the grubby time-torn excuse for a carpet that the youngest children had to sit on in their classroom.  But with this unexpected windfall we bought a fabulous new rug.  It made 23 little people’s school day that much more comfortable.  It brightened the teaching area.  It reinforced the learning of the alphabet.  It made us smile.  It became so much more than the donation itself.  The generous donor had made the impossible, possible.

We have so many examples of giving in our school and community that it’s easy to forget just how wonderful each act of generosity is.  Like other schools we collect money throughout the year; Save the Children, Comic Relief, Sport Relief, Cupboard Love and Julia’s House to name but a few charities that we are proud to support.  How much more meaningful are these gifts, however small they may be, when we realise that collectively they make something good happen for someone, somewhere.

We want all our children to have faith that giving is never trivial and that they can make the impossible become possible.  If we need a reminder there’s the story of the boy who offered Jesus his meagre lunch (Matthew 14:14-21).  He only had loaves and fishes and Jesus had 5000 mouths to feed.  But such generosity was multiplied to meet the demands.  The boy had faith to give his own lunch away!  He was risking his own comfort in the hope of giving comfort to others.

Just as our benevolent donor was.

… and they’re off!

Today we waved the Sharks off on their residential trip to Leeson House.  Ably assisted by Mr Walsh and Ms Beecham, bags were stowed and seats were excitedly occupied.

The years 5 and 6 will enjoy three days of activities before they return to school, tired and with a bag full of dirty washing!

The coach should be back at school by 3.45pm on Friday 31st and parents who have collected younger siblings are welcome to wait in the playground.




Happy Mother’s Day 2017

We were blessed with a lovely sunny day on Sunday 26th – Mothering Sunday – and we hope that all the mums out there enjoyed their day.  A few of our mums may well have been lucky enough to receive a special treat.

mothers day

And it seems when we celebrate Mother’s Day we may actually be following a very old religious tradition, for it is always celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter. 

During the 16th century, people returned to their mother church for a service to be held on Laetare Sunday.  This was either the church where they were baptised, or the local parish church, or more often the nearest cathedral.  Anyone who did this was commonly said to have gone “a-mothering”.  Children and young people who were “in service” (as household servants) were given a day off on that date so they could visit their families (or, originally, return to their “mother” church). The children would pick wild flowers along the way to place in the church or give to their mothers. Eventually, the religious tradition evolved into the Mothering Sunday secular tradition of giving gifts to mothers.

Comic Relief 26th March 2017

On Friday we all took part in Red Nose Day by coming to school in something red, and donating to the Comic Relief charity.  Every shade of red was on display, brightening up a dull grey day and in the process raising over £70 for this worthwhile charity.

red nose

Newsletter 24/03/2017

Newsletter March 24th 2017

Dolphins Brass Bonanza

For the last term Mr Randall has been coming into school weekly to teach the Dolphins to play a brass instrument.  On Tuesday 21st March the school and invited parents were treated to special performances to showcase just how much the Years 3 and 4 had learned over such a short time.  They had been taught all about their instruments, which included trumpets, cornets and trombones, and were able to play three pieces of music to their eager audience.

Brass 1jpg Brass 2

A big thank you to Mr Randall from the Dorset Music Service and to the Dolphins for their talent and enthusiasm!

Brass 3

Mr Randall, ably assisted by his conductor

Newsletter 17/03/2017

Newsletter March 17th 2017