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Loders Sports Relief – Update!

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On Friday 18th March the whole school ran a sponsored mile along the base of Boarsbarrow Hill in aid of Sports Relief.

run 21

It was a beautiful morning – and now that all the sponsorship money has come in, we can proudly announce that the pupils raised £553 for Sport Relief.  A big increase on all our previous years – so well done Loders!





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Living Eggs

We were very excited when the incubator and eggs were set up in the Wrens Classroom last week.  Having been told that they should hatch out in a day or so, we kept a close eye on them for any  signs.  We could actually see some of the eggs moving, and before too long a tell-tale crack appeared and a tiny beak poked through.

The first egg took a long time to hatch – a whole day – and we went home leaving the bedraggled chick (called Shelly on account of a piece of shell stuck to her wing) to recuperate and dry off.  By the next day we had five chicks, and the following day eight; three girls and five boys!  They were soon in the brooder, where they found the food and water and slept a lot.

IMG_0939sleeping chick

Soon they were all in the brooder, and the children got a chance to hold them, feed them and generally observe them, as well as learning all about life-cycles.  By the time they were collected ten days after the egg delivery, the chicks were beginning to grow their adult feathers, were putting on loads of weight and were very messy!  We’ll miss them …

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World Book Day

We had a great start to World Book Day on the 3rd March when local author, Kate Scott, came into school and took an assembly with the children.  Afterwards, there was an opportunity for ‘show and tell’ when children explained the books and props they had brought in, and told us why they loved a particular book.  We continued to share our love of books in mixed-age teams, and the literary day concluded with everyone getting a book token, so that we can all be read-y for next year!

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