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15 May 2015

Dear Parents, family and friendsSATsThis week Year 6 have been taking their SATS and the completed papers have been sent away for marking.  The SATS results are expected before the end of the Summer Term.

Parent Questionnaires

Thank you to all parents who kindly completed the recent questionnaire.  We have collated the data and made a graph of the results, which we will display shortly.  Thank you for some really positive responses, a few of which are reproduced below:

“There is a wonderfully warm supportive and go getting atmosphere.”

“Well done, the school seems to be a really happy place.”

Thank you to those parents who offered suggestions and comments.  We will be acting on some of the suggestions and are always happy to receive your input.


The school website is still under construction; nevertheless it does offer access to a wealth of information, as well as the school diary.  We hope it will be fully up functional shortly.


We have to report that in future coach hire is the only viable mode of transport for trips and visits.  Clearly this will have a cost implication which may be passed on to parents and we will break down any charges so that you are fully aware of how the costs are reached.

Morning Access to Teachers

The half hour before school starts is the busiest time for teachers who are preparing for the day and we are therefore asking parents of pupils in Woodpeckers, Robins and Jackdaws to avoid coming into school to see the class teacher at this time.  Teachers are generally available after school, but if you feel it cannot wait you may

  • Give a note to your child to pass to the teacher;
  • Give a message or a note to the office – Sandy will ensure that the class teacher receives it during registration, or
  • Talk to the member of staff on gate duty.
  • Parents of children in Wrens are welcome to come into the classroom before school.


Since the start of term Woodpeckers and Jackdaws have been enjoying enrichment sessions on Wednesday afternoons.  Mrs Pearse is teaching Music and Mrs Pinkett is teaching French during this time.  These sessions have been very successful and the children are enjoying them.

Before School Safety

To ensure children’s safety before school, can we remind parents that the quiet area of the playground is out of bounds as it is not in sight of the adult on the school gate.  You may have noticed that we have moved the football goals in the hope that any stray balls stay up the other end of the playground.
Parent Academy Consultation Meetings

You should all have received a consultation pack sent home with your child on Wednesday of this week, which informed you of a parent consultation meeting with the Chair of Governors and the Acorn MAT which is scheduled for 4th June at 6pm.  There is a box for the survey in the reception area, and we would be grateful for your completed form prior to the meeting.

Achievers This WeekSamuel (Year 2) for writing fabulous sentences with Mrs P
Libby and Charlie (Year 2) for independent writing of their pirate adventure
Amelia, Cora and Fran (Year 5) and Dorothy, Katie and Jenniver (Year 6) for using a dictionary accurately in French to find the gender of animals
Reuben (Year 4) for great work in class – super work with angles, fantastic hot seating when learning about the Titanic.Well done everyone, and keep up the great work!
House Point WinnersCongratulations Elm

Dates to RememberTuesday 19/05/2015Year 5/6 Quik Cricket – Bridport Leisure CentreThursday 21/05/2015Football Tournament – Year 5/6 St Marys Playing FieldFriday 22/05/2015Year 4 Trip to WOEC – DATE CHANGE – see letter sent home25/05/2015 – 29/05/2015Half TermThursday 04/06/2015Academy Consultation  Meeting 6pmTuesday 09/06/2015School Nurse – Reception eye testsWednesday 17/06/2015Quad Kids18/06/2015 to 19/05/2015Year 6 Colfox Induction DaysThursday 25/06/2015Year 5 Colfox Taster Day (not all pupils) ScienceFriday 26/06/2015Year 5 Colfox Taster Day (not all pupils) Food TechMonday 29/06/2015Sail for a Fiver – Weymouth – Years 5 and 6Friday 03/06/2015Year 5 Colfox Taster Day (not all pupils) ArtWednesday 8/07/2015Sports Day

Loders School Building


Science Pic

School Playground