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School Closure

snow lodersOn very rare occasions it may be necessary that we close the school at short notice.  This is usually due to extreme weather, when it is deemed too perilous for the children, parents and staff to make the journey to school.

To find out whether the school is open parents should, in the first instance, check the school’s website.   School closures are also listed on the  Dorset Closed Schools website.  Wessex Radio also has a list of school closures here: Radio school closures.  Finally, whenever possible, we will put a School Closed’ sign up on the small school gate.


UPDATE:  28th February 2018

As you will know, the weather forecast is predicting the possibility of heavy snow in the Dorset area on Thursday 1st March through to Friday 2nd March.  A decision will be made as soon as possible if it is felt prudent to close the school due to the weather.  Please follow the steps below to keep informed:

1. Please check the school website – a note will be displayed as soon as a decision has been made. You may also check Dorset County Council website  which is updated by the minute or the Wessex Radio Website.  

2. Weather can be localised, and if it is clear in Loders, we understand that this may not be the case where you live.  Please make a decision yourself on your personal circumstances.  A number of our children live in rural areas, or commute from other villages or may be affected by steep hills.  If you feel it is dangerous to travel, you should put your safety and that of your child(ren) first. Thankfully these occasions will be rare and normally parents will be able to ensure that their children can come to school.

3. Please do not ring us! The telephone system is very limited and cannot cope with numerous calls.  We may also need the phone clear for staff to contact us so we  know whether they are able to come in.  Again, please check our website.  If there isn’t a message saying we are closed, we have managed to open the school.  If you need to call to let us know that you are unable to get your child(ren) in, or that your child is unwell, please follow the normal procedure.

4. If the weather turns very bad during the school day and we judge that the school should shut early, we will update the website and then we will telephone parents on an individual basis to request that they come in early to take their children home. As numbers reduce, we would then send home members of staff who have the furthest distance to go, so that should we have local children still at school, we would have local staff available to supervise them until the end of school.

It is vital that we have up-to-date contact numbers for all our children, and that we have an email address that you access daily/regularly.