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Happy Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year of the Rooster

The Chinese New Year has begun and will last until February 15, 2018. This festival is celebrated throughout the world, with the largest celebration outside China taking place in London.

Loders Primary School also celebrated the Chinese New Year on Monday 31st January. The school split into three multi-age groups who took turns to try out our Chinese-inspired activities: Texture painting (celebrating the Year of the Rooster), food preparation (and tasting) and making and decorating Chinese fans (see below).

Fans existed in China 3000 years ago, when giant fan-like constructions were used to keep carriage travellers out of the sun (a bit like big umbrellas). 2000 years ago the fans we recognise today, made from plant leaves, feathers or bamboo, were initially used by poor people to help keep them cool. Later on, they became fashion accessories for more wealthy people. Whilst our fans aren’t needed for temperature control, as least not in January, they do make fabulous fashion accessories…