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Ethos and values

Our Ethos committee is made up of Noah, Sam, Megan WK and Millie. We are currently looking at ways of developing prayer areas around the school. We have been looking through the worship questionnaires and are going to use the feedback to inform us on how to make the daily worship even better for all.


Our aims are to nurture, inspire and equip each child for the future by:

  • Fostering confidence through successful learning, progress and achievement.
  • Encouraging positive and purposeful attitudes; perseverance and resourcefulness, and the qualities of compassion, fairness, tolerance, humour, goodwill, helpfulness and understanding.
  • Developing, in co-operation with parents, moral values and good habits for physical and emotional well-being; with an awareness of the responsibilities of members of a caring community.

As a Christian School our aims are:

  • To promote religious understanding and a growing appreciation of the Christian faith in order to encourage ‘deep thinking’ and development of values for life.
  • To inspire a generosity of spirit within our children, to encourage them to become confident, respectful and happy individuals.
  • To nurture children to become independent, motivated and resourceful learners, enabling them to reach their God-given potential.
  • To equip every child to be part of the local, national and global community; encouraging tolerance, respect and honesty.
  • To develop children’s spirituality through all areas of the curriculum.


All parents interested in further information are welcome to telephone for an appointment to come and meet us and to look around the school.