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Collective Worship


021Organisation of Collective Worship

The Staff and Governors of Loders Church of England Primary Academy place collective worship at the centre of the school’s daily life. Each morning we come together to share Christian values, praise God and pray.

We provide an exciting and varied approach towards our collective worship, which is organised on a whole school basis and is led by different members of the teaching staff, as well as visiting church ministers, outside speakers and the pupils themselves.

The whole school, and parents, attend Mary Magdalene Church in Loders village at several times a year; termly for worship assemblies, and throughout the year for a Leavers Service, Harvest Festival Service, Christmas Celebration and an Easter Service.

A termly plan is produced which includes the themes to be developed and a plan for collective worship, the visiting speakers and members of staff responsible for each assembly.



Our School PrayerIMG_2140

Dear Lord

Thank you for our lovely school and community.

Help us to be excellent learners and help others when needed.

Thank you for the adults and teachers who care for us.

Help us make friends and treat people fairly.

We show our thanks by doing good deeds and working hard.


Each term we follow a number of specific collective worship themes across the school. These themes are based on Christian values.

This year’s themes are:







The weekly worship timetable is organised as follows:

Monday Whole school collective worship led by Peter Beare Head of School
Tuesday Whole school collective worship led by Mrs McGrath Class Teacher
Wednesday Whole school collective worship led by Ms Beecham Class Teacher
Thursday Whole school collective worship led by Reverend Chris Grasske
Friday Celebration Assembly Achievers* led by Mr Walsh Class Teacher and Year 5 and 6 Children
*Parents and toddlers are welcome to attend these acts of collective worship

Aims of Collective Worship

Through our daily worship we aim to bring an awareness of what it means to be part of a community, which cares for each other, for God and for the environment. In so doing we hope that pupils develop the ability to explore issues for themselves, to be able to reflect upon and learn from experiences and to develop a sense of awe and wonder about the wider world and, at the same time, understand their own role and responsibilities.

Collective worship is a time when staff and pupils meet together to reflect on the non-material dimensions of our lives both as individuals and within the school community. Each classroom has a reflection area, with an additional area being developed in the grounds, where pupils may contribute their own reflection. Each classroom has a worship board following the core Christian value themes, which the children contribute to. There are also worship boards in the Sedum Room and outside the Shark’s classroom.

Our daily worship gives us all an opportunity to develop spiritually by coming together to praise God and the beauty of His creation, to pray together and to learn about scripture, with emphasis on the teachings of Christ.

Worship takes place through Bible teaching, stories, songs, poetry and plays. On Fridays we enjoy a class-led assembly where achievements and experiences are celebrated with the whole school community, as well as parents and friends. The children have written a school prayer, and we sing several hymns a week.

Staff and governors ensure that opportunities for worship are relevant to all pupils and pay due regard to their ages, abilities and interests. We attempt to ensure that materials and subject matter used in collective worship are appropriate for the range of abilities of all pupils in school. We celebrate our equality in the eyes of God who loves us regardless of gender, race physical or mental ability. Pupils not only take part in collective worship, but often lead worship. Parents who do not wish their child to take part have the right to withdraw their child for religious reasons.