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Unauthorised absence is non-attendance which has not been explained by a parent or guardian, either by letter or telephone and has not been approved by the Head of School.

Authorised absence is that which has been explained by a parent or guardian either by letter or telephone and has been approved by the Head of School.

Parents are asked to ring the school by 9.15am on 01308 423418 and using the absence line let us know the reason for their child’s absence. A call should be made for each subsequent day of absence. Absences which extend beyond three or four days may require a medical certificate from the doctor.

If your child is not allowed to do PE or to go out during break times for medical reasons, an explanatory note should be written to school.

Appointments during the day for which a child has to be taken out of school should be notified to the school in good time, together with any special instructions, e.g. child to be collected by someone other than parent.

Please see our policies section for further information on attendance.

Important Information – July 2013

Amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration)(England) Regulations came into force in September 2013.  These amendments remove any reference to schools approving absences for holidays in term time and also any reference to 10 days.  The Attendance Policy has been revised in order to take these changes into account.

Avoidable Absence

The school has a legal responsibility to record and report children’s absence from school each year, together with the percentage of unauthorised absence. Children are counted as being in school for two sessions each day and any unexplained absence must be recorded as unauthorised.

We are required to monitor attendance and any child whose attendance falls below 90% will receive a letter from the Headteacher, and may be reported to The Educational Welfare Officer.

School holiday dates are sent to parents well in advance or are available from the school website.

Our Attendance Policy can be viewed here: Attendance Policy


Dorset County Council have produced a press release, concerning absence from school and penalty notices, which can be accessed here: Press release on penalty notices – July 17